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Choosing to get your cheapest insurance is a decision to be an educated consumer and involves making an effort to get your best rates and all the discounts you are eligible for. Planning is the key to your success. At Muncie Insurance we will fight for you and help you achieve your objectives.

Our agents will teach you how to get all the discounts you’re entitled to.

We are proud of the fact that we negotiate the best rates we can for our customers and that we continue to search for ways to save you money.

Because insurance pricing and new coverages are constantly evolving, We recommend you get periodic personal reviews of your insurance with us to make certain you always get the best value for your hard earned dollar.


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Our claims office is open 24/7. Please call 1-800-421-3535.

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For all payments and changes please call 1-877-2MUNCIE or stop by any of our offices.

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